February 24, 2009

True Art

From Zoolatry of course.
Ann says it's sung "loosely" (very loosely) to the tune of the Soliloquy from Carousel, also sometimes called "My Boy Bill"...

My Boy Bob
I will see that his home is the best.
My Boy Bob
he'll be treated quite well, and
whenever he wants - he will rest.
With his orange gold stripes,
and his head held high,
And his paws planted firm on the ground.
You won't see a cat - dare to try,
to toss him or boss him around!

He's My Boy Bob...
now, quiet please -
and hush, not a sound!
From Jeannie, nor Isis, nor Ro-meo.
Not Babe and not Summer... No, oh No!

No one will boss Bob around!
No, no one will boss Bob around...
if he wakes up, that is...


Cat Street Boyz said...

Hi Bob, glad to meet you and your furambly! We like your photo art and your Blog....we will be back!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

Margaret Cloud said...

The picture and the poem are very nice.

The Island Cats said...

Oh, Bob, you're furry handsome...mom's got a soft spot for orange boys...

C said...

Our Sandusky looks much like Bob! We like that poem, and also the art/photo. Both are really sweet!

Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernies Voice said...

Hello Bob...so happy to meet you.
(((HUGS))) to you.