March 8, 2009

Sun day Sunday

Catching some rays in the plants.


Butchy and Snickers said...

Sure wish we had a sunny day. It's been raining like crazy for 2 days now. At least it's not snow, we're tired of that stuff. We want SPRING!!! Have a great day!
Purrz & licks,
Sylvester, Ruby, Scuby, Butchy & Snickers

C said...

You look so comfy there among the potted plants! I like your furs!

Sweet Praline said...

We had a beautiful Sun day Sunday, too!

Anonymous said...

Ooo it looks like a prefect stalking spot, I bet you are a good hunter :)

Anonymous said...

Is that a painting? The cat looks surreal, like a cut and paste photoshopped image.