May 20, 2009

Support/Nominate Space Coast Feline Network

We're heading over there right now to nominate them.

From Zoolatry's blog:

Maggy and Zoey and Ann, from ZOOLATRY, would like your help towards the selection of our Space Coast Feline Network as the June 2009 recipient of Romeo The Cats fundraising efforts.

This is an excellent and dedicated organization. It has recently taken on even a greater amount of care for our feral and feline population as two of our county shelters have been intermittently closed due to distemper outbreaks.

We fully realize these are difficult economic times for everyone. At this point in time, all we ask is that you consider nominating Space Coast Feline Network on Romeo's website; and/or that you leave a comment there in support of this organazation. Additionally, you may want to promote "our group" on your own blog with the attached sidebar TAG.

Below is some basic information on the group, and a link to their website, and also to Romeo's blog. Thank you so much for helping us to help them. If you have any questions at all, please email us.

The Space Coast Feline Network formally began the day before New Year's 1996 at Kennedy Space Center with the rescue of Mr. No Ears, a beat up old tomcat who had lost both of his ears from years of fighting.
Within the first three years, more than 100 cats and kittens were rescued at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). The origin of these feral cats has been traced many years back to before the commencement of the Space Shuttle program
Based upon extensive research of successful feral cat management in various communities in the United States, Space Coast Feline Network took a different approach. Club members began by successfully finding homes for all of the kittens rescued at KSC, and by caring for the feral adults, who were given living quarters at a temporary site on KSC property. These cats were spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Of the original 100 cats/kittens trapped, 49 were adopted, 21 housed at the site, and the rest fostered by volunteers. Only a few had to be euthanized due to illness or injuries.
Space Coast Feline Network has since expanded it's scope to include feral cats within Brevard County, with many volunteers giving time and money to care for, sterilize and vaccinate feral cats colonies in Brevard.

The above information is from the Space Coast Feline Network website. To learn
more, just click on this link:

To visit Romeo The Cat:

Maggy and Zoey and
the Zoolatry Human, Ann


Sweet Praline said...

I'm on my way over right away!

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

We are going to help in the nomination too.

Liss said...

Thank you for celebrating Christmas in July with us. The partner list is now up come check out who you'll be exchanging with.