June 1, 2009

Welcome Home Awards

We have a couple of welcome home awards for Dylan, who was lost, and Charlie Cat, who was at the v-e-t for so long. They are home now, where they belong. So Dylan and Charlie Cat, take one and display it proudly :)


CCL Wendy said...

Thank you so much Peggy for this furry thoughtful award to welcome our Dylan home! It's furry boo-ti-full, and we will put it on our blog right away.

The Monkeys said...

That is so sweet of you to make an award for Dylan!

We're so happy he's home, too! Mommy was holding her breath and must have refreshed their page a hundred times looking for updates

A Few Good Cats said...

The relief at seeing the prodigal cats come home is even better when you can share the joy with others who understand.

Sweet Praline said...

That's so sweet! I'm really glad that both of them made it home.

ML said...

What a great award.
We are so happy both are home, safe and sound. And to have this award to celebrate the fact is wonderful.
We've got Charlie Taylor's posted for Wednesday (6/3).
Thank you so much.
Love & Purrs,
ML & Charlie Taylor

Mo said...

We posted one at House Panthers
to celebrate Cleo coming home!