August 19, 2009

As The Paw Turns -- Day 2

Sweet Praline has one of the loveliest homes in the village of Fursville, as befitting her position in the community.
She had just made a fresh pot of blackberry tea, and some nip-biscuits, when she has a text message from Bhu telling
her he would be delayed for their visit. Apparently, the Sheriff had contacted him; a client was in jail, and neede
immediate counsel. But Praline was not concerned... Melvin had stopped by unexpectedly. So the two lounged in
the summer sunshine on Praline's front lawn, and she took the opportunity to give some "counsel" herself. Advising
and teaching "little Mouchois" on all the peccadillos of Fursville society, and how he must learn and grow to be
a proper mancat.

Little did Praline know, while she and Melvin conversed on the front lawn, that behind the house, waiting for their
"golden moment" where Goma, Romeo and Jasper.
They would never tell, but the call to Bhu was little more than a ploy, a trick, by this "threesome". They wanted
Bhu out of the way, so they could come courting Praline themselves! Oh, horrors!
Goma was bringing a bottle of champage, and wearing his best tie.
Romeo had his box of chocolates, his hope renewed, only he knew that inside the box were "caramel pralines", her favorite.
And Jasper brought a very special sunflower, grown in his own garden -- special with it's heart-shaped leaves; and of
course, he brought Kong, something the two of them had enjoyed playing with together on past dates.
The three were anticipating good things, good times.

Meanwhile, Maggy, having a bit of a hissy-fit over all the attention going toward Praline... decided to take up the
town's "daring devil dog" on a country ride, and a lakeside picnic. It had been an invitation impossible to turn
down... for she did have great affection for Khyra... and he even brought helmets, how considerate. She held
tight to him as they rode off out of town...


The Kitty Krew said...

Hahaha! We knew the call for Bhu was going to be a ploy. But all 3 of the other boys came calling *together*?! Wow....

Nice special appearance by Khyra, that was a total surprise!

Ohhhh, this is so fun. Mommmmmmmyyyyy! We need more popcorn, and some tuna too!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

LindaGJ said...

Ut Oh! Bhu's about to loose his chance with Sweet Praline! And I hope Maggy doesn't get in trouble hanging out with the Daring Motorcyle Dog!
LOL! Linda:)

Amy said...

Oh there is so much drama - how could she ever choose between all those wonderful mancats! I hope that Khyra nad Maggy don't plot something together - but this is a soap opera, so I am sure they will!

Reese =^..^= said...

So many choices!

Zoolatry said...

Don't let all the furs from Fursville near those cute little baby fishes...

Romeo: the romance goes on, and on, and on... come rub my furs, please!

Anonymous said...

That was a total surprise by Khyra! Oh! This is so fun. Mommy, We need more popcorn, and some tuna too!

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