August 21, 2009

As the Paw Turns ---The Party

Mayor G.Jasper, "I've called you all here this evening at the request of Sweet Praline, the village Diva. She truly believes that we can all get along, without hissing and swatting and rivalry among us.... in fact, perhaps we can teach the humans a lesson about that (they do need it now don't they?). I've invited you here to my humble abode (we mayoral types are poorly paid!) so we can share food and nip."

Praline: "Thank you, Your Honor. As you said, I do believe we can all become furriends."

Mayor G.Jasper: "Will you all take your seats at the table please? The humans wish to begin serving us."

Praline: "May I sit beside you, Your Honor?"

Mayor G.Jasper: "Of course, dearest."

The Mayor (again): "Bhu, get out of your bag and come to the table. Romeo, I know you're tired, but sleeping on the table is
totally not permitted in my home, move to your chair please!"

Bhu: "I like being in the bag, or in a box, or behind something, or under something... or, or... oh well, I'll sit if I must."

Romeo: "Stop complaining GJ, I did one-hundred-and-one surgeries today! I worked far harder than any old civil servant
like you, and I'm am tired! But, out of deference to your position... I'll be seated."

The Mayor (again): "Goma, get off the sidebar and come join us. Melvin, you too, put your mousie away and come to the table, Mouchois."

Goma: "But you know I can get much better photographs from over here, and I do have to publish tomorrow in both the political section and the social pages! Though I am concerned GJ, about it being "free advertising" for your next mayoral run in 2010; will I have to give equal space to the other candidates?"

Melvin: "I don't wanna come to the table. I mean I do wanna come to the table. I don't wanna sit in that high chair, that's for baby-kitties, and I am growing big now. Besides, where I go, my mousey goes!"

The Mayor (again, with a heavy sigh): "Goma, you can take pictures after dinner. And don't get all hissy about the advertising, I'll give you green papers if you insist! Melvin, just push your high chair up to the table by Romeo please, I have no other chair. Besides Romeo will cut up your tuna cakes for you, since you're not allowed to use a knife yet."

Praline: "Shame for shame! You are all fussing and arguing over the silliest little things. This is not a good way to start our evening of harmony and getting along together."

The Mayor (frowning): "And so where is Maggy? Didn't she come, or is she late as usual?"

Praline: "Mmmm, Uuhh, she's way back there in the corner. She says she won't join us unless Khyra can come to!"

The Mayor (totally exasperated now): "OK, OK... Khyra please join us. After all... wouldn't you all agree that's a very good way to begin getting along?"

Everyone, in unison: "Yes, oh yes it is. Purrs all."

Praline: "And that dear friends is "how the paw turns". It turns towards you, with friendship."


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artangan Rumblepurr said...

This is the BEST story, we hope it keeps going!!!

Zoolatry said...

Purrsonally, I think the "mayor" is being a bit stuffy... Romeo, you can sleep on the table at our house anytime, that's what we do!
In fact, we sleep where we want, when we want, however which-way we want!

The Kitty Krew said...

*Sigh* We love a happy ending...

*Many paws clapping*

Well done, everyone!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

So, now do I get to chase all of woo?


Amy said...

We need more of the story! It is too good not to continue!! It is great that it is a happy ending and all but I need a little more drama!

Sweet Praline said...

Romeo, you did a fantastic job! We simply must do this again!

Anonymous said...

It is a great story! I think the "mayor" is being a bit stuffy... Well done, everyone!

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